▶️ Don’t fly your drone over the Cedar Creek Fire, managers say

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Fire managers working on the Cedar Creek Fire have a message for people hoping to get a birds-eye view of the blaze.

Don’t fly your drone over it.

A temporary flight restriction has been put into place over the fire. 

“Drones can suspend fire aviation decreasing the effectiveness of wildfire suppression operations allowing wildfires to grow larger.”

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Here are the specifics of the TFR, which has been in effect since Aug. 15.

Airspace Definition:
    Region bounded by:
      Latitude: Longitude: FRD:
    From: 43º37’15″N 122º00’30″W DSD201048.7
    To: 43º37’15″N 122º07’00″W DSD205051.8
    To: 43º44’30″N 122º17’00″W DSD216052.4
    To: 43º52’00″N 122º17’00″W DSD223048.3
    To: 43º52’00″N 122º01’45″W DSD216039
    Altitude: From the surface up to and including 11000 feet MSL

If you want to see what this looks like from the sky, check out this video released by fire managers on Friday.


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