▶️ CEC warns of potential solar panel scam


Tuesday morning Central Electric Cooperative put out a scam alert warning its members of a misleading Facebook ad for a service they don’t even provide.

“At no time have we ever had a program that would pay homeowners to put solar on their roofs,” said Brent Ten Pas, director of member and public relations, Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.

The ad was posted by a group called Oregon Energy Geeks and allegedly sponsored by the company Nationwide Energy.

I decided to message Oregon Energy Geeks on Facebook and ask them about the program they offer.

The original ad seemed to have been deleted, but I found a similar post from June that even includes the same photo.

Throughout the conversation there was no attempt to gather any of my personal information such as a credit card or social security number.

Then I asked about the post on CEC’s website that claimed this is all a scam. I even provided a link.

Oregon Energy Geeks seemed concerned, writing “How long has that been on their website for?” and “I guess we will need to take it down. Do you work for CEC?”

CEC says they did try and make contact, but did not get a response.

Once I identified myself as a reporter, the representative from Energy Geeks got a little suspicious writing, “Is this going to be a phone conversation where I need a lawyer?

Then he cut off our conversation.

“The problem with the ad is that it’s misleading. It promises that Central Electric would pay members to put solar on their roof,” Ten Pas said. 

CEC has since contacted the sponsor of the ad and they were unaware of the one posted by Oregon Energy Geeks.

CEC says while the ad is not legitimate, they have not received any reports of customers being scammed out of money.

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