App of the Day: Get Rid of It

We all have different knick-knacks lying around that we could probably do without … But even if you haven’t used it in months … Tossing things is easier said then done. In this What the Tech? segment, Jamey Tucker has an app that makes de-cluttering your living situation rewarding. It’s called Get rid of it.


How to Avoid Zoom Trolls

Zoom meetings are being used by everyone … families, workers, even whole classes, and with that comes a little bit of troubles. In this What the Tech? segment, Jamey Tucker explains how people are abusing the program for their own enjoyment.


Coronavirus tracking app coming

They’re always listening … Google and Apple are working together to release a coronavirus tracker so you could know if you come in contact with somebody who tests positive the app uses your phone’s Bluetooth data to keep track of who you’re around. Jamey Tucker explains how it all works in today’s What the Tech? segment.