How to Gain Privacy in a Digital World

In the modern world privacy has become a luxury. You hear about data all of the time … our phones tracking our locations, our purchases being recorded electronically. It’s become a commodity but Apple says privacy is an added benefit of their products. Jamey Tucker has more in this What the Tech? segment.

App of the Day: Black Friday Price Tracker

It’s one of the easiest ways to shop. I’m talking about Amazon, which will deliver almost anything to you in a reasonable time. The company has changed the landscape of retail shopping across the country. In this What the Tech? Jamey Tucker shows us an a that will help you find deals when using the world’s largest retailer.

Glitch that Sent Old Text Messages

If you’ve received an out of place text message from somebody in your contacts, you’re not alone. It’s been happening to people all across the country. Jamey Tucker explains in this segment of What the Tech?

Tip: Minimize Your Risk When Using Venmo

You can do pretty much everything on your phone including transfer money to pay back friends for dinner, drinks or events, but linking your bank account to apps like Venmo can have some serious consequences. Jamey Tucker explains in this What the Tech?

Tip: How to Not Get Charged for a Subscription After Your Free App Trial

Free trials can be a great way to test out new apps before you buy them, but it’s important to read the fine print. In this What the Tech? Jamey Tucker shows us how companies are using free trials to charge you for apps you didn’t even want.

Tip: Creating Memorable Passwords You Won’t Forget

Between your social media accounts, banking, emails and streaming services, most of us have dozens of accounts that all need secure passwords. Since most of us can’t remember that many, we default to using one password for all of our accounts, leaving us vulnerable to hackers, but in this What the Tech? Jamey Tucker has a trick that might help.

iPhone Updates Needed this Weekend

If you remember ringing in the new year in 2000, you probably remember the Y2K scare, where there was some real concern that computers were going to shut down. While it didn’t happen in 2000, something similar is happening this weekend, but it will only affect those with older iPhones.


Keeping Your Kids Safe This Halloween

It is illegal for convicted sex offenders to give out candy Halloween night. They’re not even supposed to turn their lights on. But that doesn’t stop unsuspecting kids and their parents from ringing their doorbell. Jamey Tucker looks at an app that shows, on a map where convicted sex offenders live.