Central Oregon and the Space Race

50 years ago today three American astronauts made history by becoming the first humans to land on the moon. However, before that historic day those astronauts were right here in Central Oregon, training to do something that had never been done before.

Central Oregon Daily’s Dalton Roth has more on how Central Oregon played a critical role in getting a man on the moon.

Bend Police Academy Trains the Next Generation of Law Enforcement

This week was the Bend Police Department’s fifth annual Junior Police Academy where local kids get to learn more about local law enforcement works from real local officers. The new trainees learned how to collect fingerprints, traffic safety and even tested out their fitness on an obstacle course.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan stopped by the camp today to learn more.

Boys and Girls Club Plans to Expand Programs for 2019-20 School Year

The Boys and Girls Club of Bend is making some changes for the upcoming school year. The organization is expanding their program and staff in order to help with the growing community need for affordable childcare, especially with Bend-La Pine School District’s new school schedules.

Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova has more.

Guns and Jewelry Stolen from Redmond Home

A Redmond home was ransacked last Wednesday, leaving a local family terrified. The Graves family say whoever broke into their home had to be watching the house, as they knew they were gone at the time of the incident. Redmond Police are investigating and they say no detail is too small in catching the burglars.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call non-emergency dispatch at 541-693-6911.

Suspect in Madras Shooting in Court

Details are still unclear on what happened leading up to Sunday morning’s shooting, but Madras Police report that the incident took place on SE 16th Street and that two victims were shot with a twenty-two rifle.

The victims are being treated for their injuries, but further details on their condition are unknown at this time.

The suspected shooter, Juan Francisco Hernandez-Medina, appeared in court today facing two counts of attempt to commit murder, assault in the first degree, and unlawful use of a weapon. Hernandez-Medina’s arraignment is set before the grand jury on Thursday at 2 p.m. and due to the serious violent nature of the crimes, Oregon’s measure eleven mandates a minimum sentence of seven and a half years for each count of attempt to commit murder and assault in the first degree. Hernandez-Medina is facing a minimum of 30 years without the chance for parole.

Man Walking on Tracks Struck by Train

Bend Police and Fire were dispatched to the tracks just east of the BNSF train depot Sunday after reports that a Bend resident had been struck by a passing train

Kyle Houser, 23, had been walking along the tracks and listening to music that was too loud for him to hear the trains approach. The conductor continuously blew the horn to warn Houser and even hit the brakes but the train continued to roll for roughly a mile. Houser was struck on the shoulder and thrown from the tracks.

The train eventually came to a stop and traffic in the area was shut down for two hours while law enforcement investigated. Though Houser miraculously survived the incident, police warn that it’s not only dangerous to walk along the tracks, it’s also *illegal*.

Houser was transported to St. Charles hospital in bend with non-life threatening injuries and was cited with criminal trespass charges.

LA Clippers Broadcaster Retires to Bend

His name is Ralph Lawler, and for folks who may not know, Lawler has been the beloved broadcast voice of the Los Angeles Clippers on both radio and television for more than 40 years. Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom sat down with Lawler to chat about his career in broadcasting, his recent retirement and the incredible off season the Clippers are having acquiring both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. 

Woman Convicted of Killing Cyclist Files Appeal

The woman who was found guilty of killing a local dentist while driving under the influence of prescription drugs has appealed her conviction.

41-year-old Shantel Witt was charged for striking and killing 38-year-old cyclist Marika Stone while Stone was on a bike ride with friends in December of 2017.

Witt was found guilty of manslaughter, reckless endangering, driving under the influence and unlawful possession of a controlled substance in February after months of court dates and a weeklong trial. District attorney John Hummel says his office received a notice from Witt’s attorney this week stating that she plans to file an appeal. However, Hummel says that the grounds on which Witt is appealing remains unclear and that the process will likely take a year and a half to complete.

Bend Police Promote Pedestrian Safety

Bend Police Officers were stationed on Revere at Sixth Street and the corner of Drake and Newport Avenue to stop drivers for speeding and distracting driving. These areas have received numerous complaints from citizens about drivers not stopping for pedestrians.

Bend Police encourage drivers to reduce their speed and take their time to get where they’re going, plan ahead and be cautious.

Nineteen citations and 14 warnings were given out to drivers during today’s safety enforcement. It’s certainly a reminder to all of us to be safe on the road.

Pandora Moth Outbreak Hits Central Oregon

Central Oregon is at the tail end of a Pandora moth outbreak, which typically last three or four cycles of two years. These moths are native to the region and have a two-year life cycle. During the first year of these moths’ lives they can be found in forests as larvae that look similar to a caterpillar, where they consume pine needles.

This summer is the second year of the moths life-cycle, meaning the larvae have turned into the large, two to five-inch moths that are found all over Central Oregon. This is the third-generation of this outbreaks larvae-moth cycle, meaning we may see them again in two years or they may go dormant again.