City Club of Central Oregon – September 2019 Forum

September 12, 2019

The Opportunity Gap and Community-Led Solutions

Oregon is experiencing widening socioeconomic disparities, and now, more than at any time in the past several generations, the circumstances into which a child is born largely determine the life he or she achieves. Community- and local-led change is the backbone of transforming our state. Communities across Oregon, whether connected by geography or common experience, can tell stories about who they are and what they value. When these stories focus on strengths, assets and shared values, they harness the power of positive change to address complex challenges. This is especially important in rural communities, low-income communities and communities of color, which all play a pivotal role in designing sustainable solutions.

This forum will focus on highlighting the stories of local Central Oregon organizations and people who have organized to create solutions that work for and because of the communities in which they exist. They highlight how building relationships across diverse communities is a necessary underpinning for efforts to address opportunity gaps. The forum will also focus on mobilizing all of us to create or champion community-engaged solutions.

City Club of Central Oregon – August 2019 Forum

City Club of Central Oregon – August 15, 2019 Forum

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Urban Renewal

Urban renewal is not just for blighted inner cities. With Bend’s fast-paced growth, we have the opportunity to redefine the center of our city as a place that accommodates mixed residential and commercial development, entertainment and community-friendly spaces. The City of Bend’s Core Area Planning process is currently identifying how to move these opportunities forward, using tools like urban renewal.

This month’s forum will focus on the Bend Central District (BCD), which has been the impetus for much planning and community advocacy to become a more dense, mixed-use neighborhood.

Featured speaker Michele Reeves is a national expert in helping communities recognize and leverage their strengths, and accomplish their economic development goals. Michelle will show how other communities have successfully used redevelopment to create vibrancy and provide economic opportunity to a wide cross section of their community, along with pitfalls to avoid. Case studies will include urban renewal and economic development initiatives that:

    • Lower barriers to entry for minority-owned businesses
    • Provide wealth-building opportunities for small businesses priced out of a market.
    • Create district vitality for modest investments

In addition, hear from Allison Platt, Senior Planner of Growth Management with the City of Bend with a brief update of the current progress in the BCD.

City Club of Central Oregon – July 2019 Forum

July 18, 2019 Forum

Talkin’ Trash – Managing our Waste in Deschutes County

July’s forum explored an important topic for our community…what do we do when our landfill is filled in 2029? We learned about what options are being discussed and education on recycling.

If you missed the forum, we’ll be posting the recording soon.

Ways you can engage?

Want more information? Explore these additional resources:

  • Our presenter, Denise Rowcroft from The Environmental Center answered many of the unanswered text questions from the forum here.
  • Rethink Waste Project is a program of The Environmental Center. Learn more about their work across Central Oregon and how you can support a healthy, sustainable future.
  • Review Deschutes County’s Solid Waste Management Plan.
  • National Geographic’s Planet or Platic? awareness campaign provides numerous articles on thier website and Deschutes County has multiple articles here.

City Club of Central Oregon – June 2019 Forum

All Includes Us. Expanding Healthcare for Transgender Central Oregonians

June 18, 2019

As Central Oregon businesses and organizations become increasingly aware of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) many struggle with how to scale down the best practices of metropolitan organizations with dedicated DEI staff. Despite the challenges of creating inclusive spaces in a largely hegemonic culture, Central Oregon healthcare organizations are finding success with collaborative approaches that draw on the strengths of integrated care models and the expertise of impacted community members.

Hear from local healthcare providers, educators, and advocates about how health systems serving the rural reaches of Central Oregon are drawing on local expertise to create meaningful systemic change for transgender individuals.

Bob Maxwell’s Memorial Service

On Friday, May 31st, Friends and Family gathered at noon at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds to remember Bob Maxwell. While Bob is best known as a Medal of Honor recipient for his bravery and heroism during World War II, his friends and family shared so much more of his life. Watch the full coverage of the memorial, hosted by Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel and returning reporter, Warren Shultz.