Bend Oregon Realtor Andee Phillips

Andee Phillips, creating solutions for all of your Real Estate needs.

Bend, Oregon is a stunning place to live with bountiful opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and plant roots in the community!

It’s paramount for me to give back, and support those organizations that are doing great things for ALL of the residents of Bend, Oregon. I serve several non profit organizations in multiple facets.

My clients trust in me to be a true professional they can always count on to lead them into the next chapter and as my 4 year old kid client said.. “Andee you’re full of sunshine and smiles!”

​I’ve called beautiful Bend, Oregon my home since I was a little girl, so whether you’re buying or selling I have the power, knowledge, and connections to move you.

Dinos Take Flight Exhibit at the High Desert Museum

Enter the wonderful world of Archaeopteryx, a famous fossil that has informed our current understanding of birds and flight. Six renowned artists from around the world bring this iconic “missing link” back to life in this beautiful, interactive exhibition.

Whether you’re three or 93, there’s something for everyone at the High Desert Museum. Visit the Indoor Exhibits page for information about all current exhibits.

Sun Spot Drive-In in Terrebonne

In a world where Yelp reviews rule the restaurant industry and the next hottest thing is always on the menu, it’s a welcome sight to see a place that hasn’t changed in decades. You’ve probably driven by the Sun Spot Drive-In in Terrebonne, but have you ever stopped in to see what the diner has to offer?

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson found out that what keeps people coming back is much more than the dishes they put out from sun up to sun down. 

A Magical Trip Through McMenamins Old St. Francis School

When it opened in 1936, the Saint Francis School in Bend was the first ever parochial school established in Central Oregon. When the school moved to a modern campus on the Northeast Side of town, McMenamins renovated and reopened the landmark as McMenamins Old St. Francis School in 2004.

Guest rooms and bars have been added to the complex that stay faithful to the original look and feel of the old school. Mackenzie Wilson takes us on a behind the scenes tour.