▶️ Redirect the Check round 2 nets $27K for local nonprofits

We wrapped up our second Redirect the Check campaign recently and we want to thank you once again for your generosity and for sending some of that federal stimulus money to people in need locally.

Tuesday – the really fun part with big smiles and big checks.

This time around you all were able to help three new organizations: The Family Access Network, Shepherd’s House, and The Giving Plate.

It all added up to $27,000 and split evenly among the three.

Add in our first effort in January and the total was about $85,000 to six local nonprofits.

“We can all relate to the need for food. We all need to be nourished, so yeah it’s families, the majority of people we’re serving are our neighbors right next door to us and we’d never know,” said Ranae Staley, the executive director of The Giving Plate.

Jen Enna with Family Access Network said they have 26 advocates in 62 Central Oregon school sites that help connect students and families to critical resources.

And for the Shepherd’s House, when the community works together, they see big results.

“That helps us move forward with serving our homeless community and those in recovery,” said Ryan Olufson, assistant development director. “Without our community teaming up, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.”

All three agencies said the last year has put extra strain on their services and resources.

They, unfortunately, have a lot of new customers.



▶️ Redirect the Check: The Giving Plate


Central Oregon Daily’s second round of “Redirect the Check” continues, where you can donate part of your stimulus check to benefit three local non-profits.

One of those non-profits is helping feed families across the region.

The Giving Plate is the largest food pantry in our tri-county area, feeding thousands of Central Oregonians every year.

“By serving our community and providing food, we just feel like we are meeting a really basic need,” Director Ranae Staley said. “Showing compassion and care and hope by sharing food.”

In 2020, The Giving Plate served over 10,000 families.

Many of those families were struggling from the pandemic and that need carried over into the new year.

“90% of the people we serve are housed, and a lot of people don’t realize that,” Staley said. “They equate hunger to homelessness.”

The food pantry is completely community-funded and those funds allow The Giving Plate to continue making a difference.

Staley said she wants to remove the stigma around asking for help when it comes to hunger.

“Every dollar that comes in from Redirect the Check will be used towards the food relief programs that we’re operating,” Staley said.

You can donate to “Redirect the Check” here.

▶️ Redirect the Check: Family Access Network


Another round of stimulus checks means the relaunch of Central Oregon Daily’s “Redirect the Check” program.

We are asking you, if you’re in a position to do so, consider donating part or all of your stimulus check to local nonprofits.

One of those nonprofits is Family Access Network or FAN, which is a network that partners with social service agencies to support disadvantaged families.

To offer assistance, possibility, and hope to Central Oregon families in need by connecting them with crucial resources that will help children flourish in school and in life.

That is the mission statement for FAN.

“We have seen an increase in FAN services need and that intensity increase as well,” said Donor Relations Events and Marketing Coordinator for FAN Jen Enna. “We are seeing the focus be more so on access to food, eviction prevention and the utility assistance.”

Enna says those impacted the most by this network are students in Central Oregon and their families.

During the first two quarters of the 2020-21 school year FAN served 500 more students than last year.

Students are connected through advocates who work directly with schools.

“The idea is helping reduce the barriers so students can stay in school, thrive and continue to learn,” Enna said.

It takes about $100 a year to provide a student with FAN advocate services.

“It is directly going to assisting these students and navigating these social services they need to thrive,” she said.

All of the money raised will be distributed evenly to the FAN, Shepherd’s House and the Giving Plate.

You can see more on our Redirect the Check program and learn about all the nonprofits at centraloregondaily.com/redirectthecheck

▶️ Redirect the Check: Shepherd’s House


With another round of stimulus checks going into bank accounts, Central Oregon Daily has relaunched our “Redirect the Check” campaign.

We originally launched the campaign in January, asking you to donate part or all of your stimulus check to help the Bethlehem Inn, Central Oregon Veterans Outreach, and Neighborimpact.

With the help of a $10,000 match from our parent company TDS, the community was able to generate more than $50,000 for the nonprofits.

This time around, we’re teaming up with three different local agencies that could use the community’s help.

The Giving Plate, Family Access Network and the Shepherd’s House will split the donations. 

“2020 brought on needs we’ve never seen before as a community and more supplies and donations came out of the Shepherd’s House last year than the history of the mission,” said Ryan Olufson, associated director of development and volunteers at Shepherd’s House Ministries.

Shepard’s House provides services to the homeless and offers addiction recovery programs.

“There are a lot of people in our midst that are experiencing a significant amount of adversity in terms of just finding health, connection and a sense of place in our community,” said Project Share Coordinator Evan Hendrix.

Hendrix oversees the mobile outreach program, traveling throughout Central Oregon every day.

Olufson says donations will go directly to those in need.

“Food, propane, clothing, additional supplies, everyday items people need,” said Olufson.

“For me it is what goes on beyond that and it is the additional resources and additional points of connection because of those funds,” Hendrix added.

You can see all of our previous coverage from our Redirect the Check campaign and learn more about the programs it benefits on our Redirect the Check microsite.

To donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/br5pyz-redirect-the-check

▶️ ‘Redirect the Check’ campaign ends with 3 local nonprofits dividing $54,219

Central Oregon Daily’s “Redirect the Check” campaign to raise money for three local nonprofits has come to a close, but it ended this week with a bang.

The community donated a total of $44,220 to the GoFundMe page we set up while our parent company TDS chipped in an additional $10,000.

In the end, NeighborImpact, Bethlehem Inn and Central Oregon Veterans Outreach each will receive $18,073.

▶️ Redirect the Check campaign surpasses $50K

A little more than two weeks ago we started the “Redirect the Check” campaign – urging anyone who was able to donate some or all of their federal stimulus check to a GoFundMe page we set up for local charities.

And you’ve been amazing.

With a match from our parent company, TDS, we’ve topped $50,000.

Thursday, Central Oregon Daily’s Allen Schauffler was able to present checks for $16,700 to NeighborImpact, Central Oregon Veterans Outreach, and the Bethlehem Inn.

And there’s likely more money on the way!

▶️ Redirect the Check: NeighborImpact


There’s always a need for the services of NeighborImpact in Central Oregon, but during the pandemic, that need has magnified.

“We have increased our distribution at the food bank alone has more than doubled from 40,000 pounds of food a week to 90,000 pounds of food a week during the pandemic,” said Rachel Haakenson, director of marketing and communications at NeighborImpact.

In fact, Haakenson says at the beginning of the pandemic, 40% of food bank clients were first time users.

NeighborImpact of one of three nonprofits chosen for Central Oregon Daily’s “Redirect the Check” campaign. The Initiative urges Central Oregonians to donate all or some of their stimulus check.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the community has donated more than $23,000. And with a $10,000 match from TDS, Central Oregon Daily’s parent company, the effort will near $40,000 by the end of the week.

“NeighborImpact’s mission is to serve people and to strengthen communities here in the Tri-counties and at the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs,” Haakenson said. “We do that with a variety of programs that serve people at a variety of economic abilities.”

Other NeighborImpact programs include housing, early childhood education, money management and energy assistance.

“Our energy assistance program can help pay your home’s energy bills, our weatherization program can help improve the energy efficiency in your home to decrease your energy bills,” Haakenson said. “We also have rent assistance so we can help those who are struggling to pay their rent.”

“Redirect the Check” donations will help bolster NeighborImpact’s capacity to feed the community.

“We expect to use those funds to help us expand the food bank, which is definitely a need for us at the food bank here,” she said. “Where even before the pandemic when we were distributing half of the food that we are now, we were already distributing and processing more food per square foot than any other food program in the state.”

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▶️ Redirect the Check: Central Oregon Veterans Outreach

▶️ Redirect the Check: Bethlehem Inn


▶️ Redirect the Check: Central Oregon Veterans Outreach


For Ron Moore, a program specialist for Central Oregon Veterans Outreach, the programs at COVO aren’t just a lifesaver for others.

“If some of those people out there didn’t have us, they wouldn’t make it,” said Ron Moore, Outreach specialist for COVO.

More was homeless for seven years.

Things changed when he decided to volunteer for COVO and eventually the job he currently has.

“It saved my life,” Moore said about the outreach program.

COVO, along with NeighborImpact and Bethlehem Inn are the three benefactors of the Central Oregon Daily “Redirect the Check Campaign.”

The campaign, launched last week, urges Central Oregonians to donate all or some of their most recent federal stimulus check to help local nonprofits.

J.W. Terry is a war veteran and COVO’s executive director.

He says the program’s largest mission is to get veterans and their families back on their feet.

“We have our own housing,” Terry said. “We have 26 of our own low-income units that are full most of the time.”

COVO says community donations mostly go to helping people who have fallen through cracks, who aren’t able to get state or federal assistance.

They also provided a service to help relocate fire evacuees during the bad 2020 fire season.

“A lot of people who never thought they would be homeless, they’re homeless,” Moore said.

Between the pandemic and deadly wildfire season, COVO says they have never seen a greater need for help in the community.

“This type of money and help could not have come at a better time,” Terry said.

So far, more than $20,000 has been donated by the community and TDS, the parent company for Central Oregon Daily News will match $10,000. 

You can donate some or all of your stimulus check here.

▶️ Redirect the Check: Bethlehem Inn


More than $19,000 has been raised so far through Central Oregon Daily’s Redirect the Check program, and a $10,000 match is on the way from TDS, Central Oregon Daily’s parent company.

More than 45 donors have given some or all of their stimulus checks to help charities like Bethlehem Inn, an emergency shelter in Bend.

The funds also will be distributed to Central Oregon Veterans Outreach and NeighborImpact.

“Since the pandemic hit back in March, it has been a challenge for many people seeking shelter, help and hope,” Gwenn Wysling, executive director of Bethlehem Inn, said. “And that’s what we offer here.”

Wysling said they’ve seen a spike in demand for their services in the past several months, but they have less people than usual to help out, since they’ve paused volunteers to limit COVID-19 exposure.

“Bethlehem Inn has seen the need and the severity of the need really grow during the pandemic,” Wysling said. “The fact that we’re unable to use volunteers has been a real challenge for trying to get the same amount of work done.”

Centers for Disease Control social distancing rules have also complicated things. The homeless shelter is operating at around 50% guest capacity. Right now, they’re housing around six families and around 45 individuals.

The money they’ll receive from Redirect the Check will be a helpful boost, according to Wysling, as they often see a major lag in donations after the holidays.

“Approximately 80 cents on the dollar goes directly toward those that we’re serving,” Wysling said. “It is that immediate impact. You’re touching the lives of families and individuals.”

You can donate some or all of your stimulus check here.

Central Oregon Daily’s ‘Redirect the Check’ campaign to help local agencies

While some of us in Central Oregon thankfully still have a job and food on our table, the truth is, many of our neighbors are struggling and can’t say the same right now.

If you’re in a position to do so, we invite you to “Redirect the Check” and donate all or a portion of your stimulus payment to our GoFundMe page, and we’ll get it into the hands of local organizations that truly make a difference.

Our parent company, TDS, will even match the first $10,000 raised, doubling your impact. 100% of donations stay right here in our Central Oregon community and will be donated evenly between the Bethlehem Inn, NeighborImpact and Central Oregon Veterans Outreach.

Thank you for your contribution,
The Central Oregon Daily News Team


▶️ Redirect the Check: NeighborImpact

▶️ Redirect the Check: Central Oregon Veterans Outreach

▶️ Redirect the Check: Bethlehem Inn