▶️ Origin Story: Robert Seliger

Robert Seliger is known for his woodworking – many would say it’s among the finest in the world.

From the shop tucked away on his ranch in Tumalo, Seliger is producing hand-crafted works of art meant to be used, loved and admired for generations.

This is his Origin Story.


▶️ Origin Story: Elly’s Ice Cream

It’s hot, and we are all looking for a way to cool down.

You could jump into the river, or you could take the easy and delicious route to get some relief.

Central Oregon Daily’s Lauren Biskind gets the Origin Story on Elly’s Ice Cream in Bend.


▶️ Origin Story: Bend Sauce

A couple of Bend foodies in search of the perfect chipotle hot sauce took matters into their own hands with a quick trip to a local market. 

Now, their homemade creation is in specialty markets all over the country.

This is Bend Sauce’s Origin Story.