▶️ Get Outside: Smith Rock Trail Rides

Central Oregon is filled with fast-paced adventures.

But sometimes you just want to slow down.

On this episode of Get Outside, sponsored by Pro Caliber Motorsports, Meghan Glova takes a guided horseback ride with Smith Rock Trail Rides.

Experience three miles of trail right outside of Terrebonne, overlooking a side of Smith Rock you’ve probably never seen before.

Learn more at www.smithrocktrailrides.com.

▶️ Get Outside: Mountain biking in Bend

Central Oregon is widely considered one of the mountain biking capitals of the U.S.

Hundreds of miles of epic singletrack are accessible minutes from the heart of Bend and Mt. Bachelor’s new downhill park is quickly making a name for itself for the truly hardcore.

Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova might be an experienced motorcycle rider, but riding a bicycle in the woods is a new experience.

On tonight’s Get Outside, sponsored by Pro Caliber Motorsports, she’ll take you to the trails and talk to some enthusiasts about what makes mountain biking Bend so fun for everyone.

▶️ Mt. Bachelor introduces newest thrill ride down the slopes (but in the air)

With a drop of nearly 1,400 feet, it’s the steepest, fastest, and highest-elevation zip adventure in the Northwest.

The multi-stage tour launches from an elevation of 7,800 feet, above the tree line at the top of Pine Marten lift and allows riders to fly over open bowls, off-piste skiable terrain and Central Oregon’s unique volcanic landscape.

On this week’s edition of Get Outside, brought to us by ProCaliber Motorsports, Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova is flying high down Mt. Bachelor’s new zip line.

▶️ Get Outside: Camping basics with Gear Fix

On this Get Outside, sponsored by Pro Caliber Motorsports, Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova gets a lesson in camping basics from The Gear Fix.

▶️ Get Outside: Dirt biking with Homan MX-13 Schools

Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova is in for quite the ride, dirt biking with local instructor, Justin Homan.

For more information on Homan M-X-13 Schools … head to www.justinhoman.com

Thanks to our Get Outside sponsor, Pro Caliber Motorsports, for giving us the time and resources to show you some of the most adventurous ways to take on Central Oregon every month on Central Oregon Daily.

▶️ Exploring Bend’s history by bike

Bend has a rich history, but it can be hard to take it all in from behind the wheel of your car. It is much easier to view that history from a bike. For this week’s Destination Oregon, Dave Jones hops on an e-bike for a trip down memory lane.

Thanks to the folks at Let it Ride for showing us around. Join us every Thursday for another new edition of Destination Oregon, where Dave Jones takes you to some of the most interesting and beautiful places across our state.