▶️ Destination Oregon: Blue River residents reflect, with optimism about future

For the past several weeks we have been visiting the Blue River area along the McKenzie River, where the Holiday Farm Forest Fire incinerated 173,000 acres of forestland and hundreds of home and businesses.

That was in September.

In his series, “Blue River: Rising from the Ashes”, Dave Jones has dedicated these Destination Oregon reports to revisiting some places along the McKenzie River to see what was taken and what remains.

Tonight, in his final report, we’ll hear hear from Blue River folks who share their personal reactions to seeing their world burned to the ground, but they also share their optimism for the future.

▶️ Destination Oregon: Rising from the Ashes – Locals helping locals

It’s been four months since the Holiday Farm Fire torched 173,000 acres of forestland along the McKenzie River west.

But for the people living in and around the town of Blue River, is still feels like yesterday.

Hundreds of people were displaced, homes were destroyed…and many lost everything.

But as we’ve seen in his series, Blue River: Rising from the Ashes, Dave Jones has discovered pockets of hope and rebirth among the charred remains of what was once a town.

Tonight, he shares another example of how locals are helping one another recover.



▶️ Destination Oregon: Rising from the Ashes – Belknap Hot Springs

When the Holiday Farm fire torched Mckenzie River Valley in September, many of us on this side of the mountains wondered what was destroyed and what survived.

That is what prompted Central Oregon Daily’s Dave Jones to return to the area and see what was left standing.

In this week’s Destination Oregon, Jones continues his series “Blue River: Rising From the Ashes.” He visits the historic Belknap Hot Springs Resort to see how it was affected by the fire that destroyed hundreds of homes, businesses and 173,000 acres of forest land.

▶️ Destination Oregon: Remembering ‘Christmas Treasures’ in Blue River

Hundreds of homes and dozens of businesses along the McKenzie River were destroyed by September’s Holiday Farm Fire.

Many of those buildings will be rebuilt.

But sadly, some are gone forever.

In this week’s edition of Destination Oregon, Dave Jones continues his look at the devastation left behind in Blue River with a look back at a popular business reduced to rubble.

And on this Christmas Eve, the story really hits home.



▶️ Destination Oregon: Rising From the Ashes, McKenzie River Mountain Resort

If you’ve driven through the town of Blue River on the McKenzie River between here and Eugene, you’ve seen the devastation.

In September, the Holiday Farm Fire destroyed the little town and hundreds of homes and businesses in the region.

Last week, Destination Oregon host Dave Jones shared with us his own personal experience of being evacuated from an RV park when the fire started.

In this week’s edition of Destination Oregon, we go deeper into the heart of Blue River – or what’s left of it.

Dave visited the remains of what used to be the McKenzie River Mountain Resort; it was leveled by fire.

But he found one thing the raging inferno could not destroy: The hope of recovery.

▶️ Destination Oregon: Blue River – Rising From the Ashes, The Patio RV Park

September’s Holiday Farm Fire destroyed 173,000 acres of forestland along the McKenzie River.

And while for many of us the disaster is in our rear view mirror, for the folks in and around the town of Blue River, it stares them in the face 24/7.

You might recall that our own Dave Jones, producer of our weekly Destination Oregon series, was evacuated from an RV park the night fire broke out on September 7th.

Dave shared his evacuation story with us a few days later, but tonight he takes us back to the RV park to see whether it survived.


▶️ Mt. Bachelor introduces newest thrill ride down the slopes (but in the air)

With a drop of nearly 1,400 feet, it’s the steepest, fastest, and highest-elevation zip adventure in the Northwest.

The multi-stage tour launches from an elevation of 7,800 feet, above the tree line at the top of Pine Marten lift and allows riders to fly over open bowls, off-piste skiable terrain and Central Oregon’s unique volcanic landscape.

On this week’s edition of Get Outside, brought to us by ProCaliber Motorsports, Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova is flying high down Mt. Bachelor’s new zip line.