Redmond Welcomes New High School Principal

After a year without a principal the Redmond School District is welcoming a new face. Redmond high schools new principal brings with her a list of credentials that should fill the void the school has been missing and then some

Audrey Haugan spent more than three decades as an educator in the suburbs of Chicago before moving to Redmond for this opportunity.

Central Oregon Daily’s Dalton Roth has more.

New Law Allows for Mental Health Days for Oregon Students

A recent law is changing the stigma around mental health in Oregon. Several Oregon students pushed for mental health days to be an acceptable excused absence from school and that proposal was recently signed into law.

Central Oregon Daily’s Meghan Glova has more on how allowing mental health days could help local students.

A Message of Inclusion from Summit High’s Valedictorian

When Summit High School valedictorian Joan Song delivered her speech at graduation two weeks ago, she took the opportunity to talk about the challenges that motivated her as a first-generation American growing up in Bend.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan sat down with Joan to talk about the speech that stole the show, and her important message of inclusion.

Bend-La Pine School Board Discusses $500M Budget

Tonight the Bend-La Pine School Board met to discuss a potential $505 million budget

If passed, the budget would add 14 new staff positions within the district, half of which would be teachers in an effort to reduce class sizes and would include approving budgets for the new high school. $14 million from the budget will go towards the public employees retirement system, or PERS. The PERS budget is up nearly $5 million from last year due to ricing PERS rates across the state.

Regardless of whether or not the school board approves the budget at tonight’s meeting, the district doesn’t have a budget from the Oregon State Legislature, which could make things tricky for next year’s school board members if the state’s budget is lower than expected.

Local Law Enforcement Promotes New School Safety Tip Line

Sheriffs from across the state of Oregon, including our own Sheriff L. Shane Nelson from Deschutes County, participated in a campaign to promote a new school safety tip line for Oregon students.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan sat down with local law enforcement today to learn more about Safe Oregon.

City Council Expands Mural Allowances After Student Request

At last night’s Bend City Council meeting, the council voted to amend the Bend City Code to allow murals to be painted across the city, an idea first pitched to them by a group of local 5th graders.

The students from Elk Meadow Elementary wanted permission to paint a mural on a retention wall near their school, but the city only allowed for murals to be painted on businesses in the Makers District.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan spoke with one city counselor about why the chose to expand the program to allow murals across the City of Bend.