▶️ Cat burglars: Video shows two thieves stealing a Prineville woman’s cat


A Prineville woman’s cat was stolen out of a neighbor’s yard last Wednesday. Surveillance footage shows two thieves luring the cat, named Vader, out of the yard and stealing it. The two people are then shown walking towards the exit of the neighborhood with the cat. 

“We’re pretty sad, and hopefully he’ll be returned soon,” cat owner Terra Tyger said.

The two individuals are confirmed to be juveniles, so their faces have been blurred out and kept anonymous. 

Tyger filed a report with Prineville Police Department after seeing the surveillance video provided by her neighbors and her Ring doorbell.

Prineville police say they have located the two suspects, but Vader is yet to be found. Police say pet theft is a felony.

“I’m very concerned [for Vader’s] safety,” Tyger said. “He’s a black cat. I’ve heard the horror stories of things that can happen with black cats, specifically. I’d like to hope that maybe they took him and are keeping him locked up in a house somewhere, and that we’ll get him back safe.”

Tyger says the thieves told police they let Vader go near the bridge by Crook County Christian School. Vader is an outdoor, all black cat. He does not wear a collar. Tyger says she does not believe Vader was misconstrued as a stray the individuals were looking to take in.

“They intentionally drew the cat out of the yard, and picked him up and proceeded to walk away without checking or inquiring anybody in the area if it belonged  to anybody. In my mind, it could not be misconstrued as a lost cat,” Tyger said.

If found, you can contact Prineville Police Department or Tyger directly at 541-777-9123.


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