Cascadia Vehicle Tents, Bend Fire & Rescue donate tent to man on a mission


Cascadia Vehicle Tents and Bend Fire & Rescue on Friday donated a rooftop tent to an inspirational invividual.

Bob Quick has a congenital heart condition that has put him through 35 strokes, but he powers on through cycling.

His cross country bike rides are a tribute to first responders and his fourth national tour on 9/11 is no different.

“If you know a firefighter, you know they’re working two to three jobs, OK? They don’t get rich off that,” he said. “When you see them at the grocery store, you see the whole crew in there, go ahead and buy them dinner. Because that actually comes out of their own pockets. That’s all I ask somebody to do because you don’t know when you’re going to be the one that’s in the back of the ambulance.”

For his upcoming trip, the donated tent will sit atop his support vehicle offering a better way for quick to rest between ride segments.

Firefighters and paramedics signed the tent cover and Quick’s bike with encouraging messages to carry him on his journey.

If you want to donate to Quick’s mission, visit his website.


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