Cascade Lakes Relays Foundation calls for charity partner applications


The Cascade Lakes Relays Foundation invites community groups, school groups, sports teams, and non-profits to apply to become charity partners. 

The foundation awards annual grants of $65,000 per year to support local charities and organizations. 

Additionally, those accepted as grant groups can use events like The Bend Beer Chase and Cascade Lakes Relay to raise funds. 

They can also raise money through the ‘Hire a Volunteer’ program, in which each organization finds supporters to volunteer at the event. 

Each volunteer generates funds for their respective organization. Grant amounts are based on the total number of volunteer hours provided by each organization.

“Without the amazing support of our charity partners, Cascade Relays events would not be possible. One of our missions each year is to grant local non-profit organizations significant grants as a reward for their charity partnerships. We are so thankful to partners and support our local organizations and their causes,” said Scott Douglass, Founder of Cascade Relays Foundation and Cascade Relays.  

To apply to be a charity partner, visit this link:


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