Cascade Lakes Highway open, but a lot of popular stops are covered in snow

Cascade Lakes stop snowed in

The Cascade Lakes Highway is fully open for Memorial Day Weekend. But the National Forest Service says many of the popular destinations along the road are not accessible yet due to the snow.

The Forest Service is asking that you do not park on the side of the road in places not designated for parking. This can cause safety concerns for you and other visitors.

Here’s the status of some popular areas as of Thursday:

Todd Lake Day Use: Snowed in at the entrance road off the highway.

  • Sparks Lake: Snowed in at the entrance road off the highway.
  • Green Lakes Trailhead; Snowed in at highway.
  • Devil’s Lake / South Sister Trailhead: Devils Lake is mostly frozen. Parking area snowed in at highway.
  • Sisters Mirror Lake Trailhead: Snowed in at highway.
  • Hosmer Lake: Deep snow encountered on the road into Hosmer Lake.
  • Six Lakes Trailhead: Parking lot partially snow-free.
  • Little Lava Lake: While this site is ungated, snow and deep standing water are still found throughout the access road and campground. The facility is not yet open as pre-season hazard tree removal and safety inspections still need to be completed once free of snow.

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There’s a similar situation for those headed south to Newberry Caldera.

  • Paulina Falls Day Use: Part of the parking lot is still under snow. Trail to Paulina Falls has patchy snow.
  • Paulina Lake Day Use: Snow-free; bathrooms haven’t opened for the season.
  • Big Obsidian Flow: Part of the parking lot still under snow. Much of the trail under lots of snow.
  • Hot Springs Day Use: Parking lot free of snow; still snow on boat ramp.



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