▶️ Cascade Car Show shines in Redmond


Chrome and custom paint glistened on the streets of Redmond Saturday.

The annual Cascades Car Show rolled into downtown with a little something for every auto enthusiast.

As the show got under way Leana Geraghty of Bend cued up some classic tunes on a cassette radio that mirrored her ride.

“It’s a ’57 Chevy Bel Air, I bought her in 1973 in Bend when I was 17, it’s my first car,” said Geraghty.

She swapped her Schwinn 10-speed for the now classic car, paying for it with wages from her job at the A&W.

“I love driving her today as much as I did at 17,” laughed Geraghty.

Her shiny black Bel Air was dubbed ‘Best Down Memory Lane’ at the show.

“These cars were made to be shared, you know. Everywhere I take her she brings a smile to somebody,” said Geraghty.

And from the looks on the faces reflected in the car’s chrome, it did just that.


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