New Bend city camping code goes into effect


Bend’s new city-wide Title 4 camping code went into effect Wednesday. 

This new code bans unhoused people from camping in residential areas, city property and public rights-of-way. Homeless campers will be unable to stay in one spot for more than 24 hours and after receiving notice, they will have 72 hours to move. 

The Bend Police Department will not be involved in the enforcement unless a crime is committed. Police Chief Mike Krantz told us a few weeks ago that it will be a “low level violation,” meaning the police would only have the ability to issue a citation, not arrest or move anyone. 

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One of the areas largely affected is Hunnell Road.  According to Bend City officials, the road will be cleared of campers on March 16. 

We spent a day with City Code Enforcers in December. They will be implementing the camping code. You can watch that story below. 


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