▶️ Camp Sherman Store and its unique history up for sale


What can you get for $2.2 million these days? How about a piece of local history and a little slice of paradise with a river view, cold beer and sandwiches made to order.

It’s the Camp Sherman Store

It seems like it has always been there, nestled in the ponderosas on the banks of the Metolius River. You drive across a bridge and into another world.

“You turn into here and you just let it go. It’s just happy,” said co-owner Kathy White. “It’s the river. It’s the trees. It’s just a little oasis. You don’t even know it’s down here.”

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It’s the only general store in a town of just 281 year-round residents and a store that draws thousands of out-of-town visitors every year, especially during the summer.

It’s the only place to come gas up. It has several old-style gas pumps, but only one actually works.


The only place to grab that cold six pack, get some penny candy for the kids and buy half-price clothes off the rack on the back deck. You can pick up a souvenir coffee mug or a stuffed animal trout or a deli sandwich which is made to order and passed out the window to the picnic area.

Oh, and fishing gear.

“Anybody who flyfishes in Oregon knows this place. So it’s not about name recognition. Everybody knows this place,” said flyfisher Steve Dangaran.

“People here are very, I don’t know, they’re just family. They come in. We talk. We’ve watched their kids grow up. We’ve seen grandbabies being born and they all want to come here and share that with us,” Kathy said.

The people — like Carl Eikenberry, a visitor from the valley who just keeps coming back.

“It’s a special place and it reminds me of the good old days!” Carl said.

“People like Mitch Martin, the sandwich queen. She sent in a resume 26 years ago. She’d never been here before and wasn’t living anywhere close.

“Arizona? Montana? I don’t remember. It was a long time ago” she laughs, “It’s wonderful. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.”


Regulars Sue and Richard Bassett and their dog Bella.

“It’s heaven,” Sue said.

“Yeah, it is for us,” Richard said.

Bella has dietary challenges, so there’s a bag of special kibble with her name on it behind the counter. It’s that kind of place.

Locals have account books on the shelf so they can pick up what they need and pay up when they can. It’s that kind of place.

It’s the only business Roger and Kathy White have ever owned and it’s been good. But according to Roger: “It’s about time. And it’s not like we’re running out. It just gets better every year.”

And what would you get for $2.2 million in Camp Sherman?

“We’ve got five acres, two cabins, two big outbuildings, four employee housing, house, post office, store,” Kathy said.


Plus all the inventory and a lease from the Forest Service who owns the land.

When we asked the guys browsing for fishing gear if they were interested in buying, we got some emphatic and tentative bites.

“Yes, I would, actually,” said employee and fishmaster Eric Gunson.

“If I was 45 and had the means,” said flyfisher Mike Zanon.

“If you want to be part of something that is just very unique and rare and hard to find, maybe anywhere on the west coast. This is really special. But your heart has to be in it,” said flyfisher Eric Smith.

There’s plenty of heart to be found in this place — if you can find the cash to make it yours.


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