Brown announces 10-Point Economic Recovery Plan for Oregon


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has announced a 10-Point Economic Recovery Plan that aims to help families and businesses across the state —with a focus on people of color —  impacted financially by the pandemic and 2020 wildfires.

In addition, Brown said Tuesday the state is slated to receive $6.4 billion in federal funds from therecently passed COVID-19 stimulus package, which she said should be invested in a way that “maximizes economic recovery efforts for Oregonians this year, while also addressing the existing disparities that were exacerbated by the pandemic.”

“My 10-Point Plan provides a roadmap for economic recovery, and will guide our state and local governments as we invest our shares of federal dollars from the American Rescue Plan,” Brown said in a statement. “Aligning programs and activities funded through these dollars will help ensure we are coordinating, not duplicating efforts, and collaborating on what will make a difference in our economies.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Oregon has paid around $8 billion in jobless benefits.

Between March and July 2020 alone, more than 500,000 people filed unemployment claims in the state.

Per a statement, The Governor applies these principles for equitable and rapid economic recovery in her 10-Point Plan:

  • Action #1: Investing in Oregon’s hardest-hit workers (those currently unemployed or underemployed)
  • Action #2: Reinvesting in innovative housing
  • Action #3: Supporting resilient rural communities
  • Action #4: Supporting Oregon’s workforce (those currently employed but struggling)
  • Action #5: Creating opportunities for Oregonians (workforce development)
  • Action #6: Getting small business back on its feet
  • Action #7: Investing in Oregon’s infrastructure
  • Action #8: Oregonians investing in Oregon
  • Action #9: Safely reopening Oregon’s economy
  • Action #10: Innovation in manufacturing

Additional details on Governor Brown’s 10-Point Plan are available here.


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