▶️ Brown accelerates vaccine eligibility timeline; 3,910 doses here next week


Gov. Kate Brown gave the green light Friday for counties to accelerate the vaccine eligibility timeline if they’ve shown most of its seniors have received their first doses.

Beginning Monday, those counties can begin vaccinating the next eligible groups along with migrant and seasonal farmworkers working in the county.

That will include Deschutes County.

“Moving into this new group paired with the new pre-registration system will allow us to continue prioritizing older adults and also open up to a new group,” Morgan Emerson, Deschutes County Public Health said. “Allowing us to fill all of our appointments for the week.”

Deschutes County health officials said Friday they had vaccinated about 73% of the area’s seniors.

The county expected to receive 3,910 doses next week.

The next eligible group:

• All adults 45-64 with underlying health conditions
• Migrant and seasonal farm workers
• Seafood and agricultural workers
• Food processing workers
• People living in low-income senior housing, senior congregate and independent living
• Individuals experiencing homelessness
• People currently displaced by wildfires
• Wildland firefighters
• Pregnant people 16 and older.

April 19 Phase 1B, Group 7

• Frontline workers as defined by the CDC
• Multigenerational household members
• Adults 16-44 with underlying health conditions

May 1

• All Oregonians, 16 and older

State health officials said that they expect to receive approximately 3.3 million doses by the end of May — enough vaccine to give every adult Oregonian their first shot.

“Until recently, in these news conferences, we’ve talked about our limited vaccine supplies and the prospect that it could take until late fall before we reached community immunity,” Patrick Allen, the director of the health authority, said during Friday’s news conference. “Now it’s possible every adult in Oregon could be vaccinated within 10 weeks. That’s an extraordinary turnaround.”



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