▶️ BLP students and parents take on the first day of school online


It’s back to school 2020 style online and at home for the Bend La Pine School District and most of the Redmond School District.

Mercedes Cook-Bostick’s daughter — a second-grader at Sage Elementary in Redmond — said her first day included some internet issues, but she was happy to have something to do.

“She enjoyed it, she had a great first day,” Cook-Bostick said. “The only bad part was the lag time with the internet.”

The first day back at school wasn’t smooth sailing for everyone.

Principal Jen Healy at Miller Elementary said the school day started out with troubleshooting a few technology issues.

“We had a little bit of work that the kids were doing,” Healy said. “Nothing really heavy-duty.”

The smoke has slowed the start of school too. Miller Elementary planned to have a material pick-up day last week, like many other Bend La Pine schools did, but they had to postpone.

“We had planned pickup for materials and for students who didn’t have their iPads to pick up their iPads, and as we know the horrible smoke came in, and it’s at a hazardous level so we had to cancel,” Healy said.

Healy said they are trying to get iPads out to families who need them most. She said most families were able to figure something out with the laptops they had for today.

“We are trying to do things with the kids that if they have a piece of paper and pencil in their hand, they should be able to do it,” Healy said.

The school is doing a lighter amount of work for the first few days until they can have their material pick-up day, which will hopefully be sometime in the next few days.



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