▶️ BLP, Redmond district leaders discuss change of plans to bring kids back to class



Class is back in session — to an extent.

Lora Nordquist, Bend-La Pine Schools’ interim superintendent, said she just couldn’t justify having students wait another six weeks for in-person instruction.

“When we set that time line it was late July, and the positivity rate for COVID and the number of cases in Deschutes County were so high,” Nordquist said. “It didn’t feel realistic to us that it could turn around as dramatically as it did.”

Beginning October 5th, Bend-La Pine schools and the Redmond School District will introduce hybrid schedules to kindergarten through third-grade students.

Bend-La Pine to begin limited in-person classes Oct. 5th

“Half of them will attend live on Mondays and Thursdays for a full school day,” Nordquist said. “And half of them will attend live on Tuesdays and Fridays.”

Distance learning will continue on the days students are not in the classroom.

However, Redmond will only be doing this for the first two weeks.

“They’ll be in the classroom full-time after those two weeks of hybrid,” Dr. Charan Cline, Redmond School District superintendent said. “They’ll be socially distanced, they’ll be masked, and they’ll still be working with their chrome books, but we will have them in class full time.”

Redmond School District unveils plan to bring K-3 back on Oct. 5th

Parents expressed mixed reactions.

Many excited for kids to get back to school, others confused why all grades aren’t being included in the hybrid system.

For both districts, this is all dependent upon the county continuing to meet required metrics.

“If we get above 30 cases per 100,000 per week, we would have to move back to distance learning,” Cline explained.

Once state metrics are met, Bend-La Pine students grades 4th through 12th will follow a hybrid model.

In Redmond, grades 4th through 5th will be in-person and 6th through 12th will be hybrid.


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