▶️ Blockbuster employees rally around co-worker involved in car accident


Kyler Gaede was driving to his job at Blockbuster last Friday when he was involved in a bad car accident on Alfalfa Market Road.

According to a post on Blockbuster’s Instagram, Gaede had to be cut out of his car and flown to a nearby hospital.

“It happened all very fast, but it was toward the mid-day shift to the evening shift,” Dan Montgomery, Blockbuster’s store manager, said. “Our distribution manager came in and said Kyler’s been in a really bad, really horrific accident.”

A family member of Gaede’s said he has multiple severe injuries that will require him to use a wheelchair for months — including broken arms, broken feet and a shattered knee.

“We’re not all blood-related here but we are like family,” Montgomery said. “We’re all just heartbroken for the guy.”

A post on Blockbuster’s Instagram — which has more than 22,000 followers — brought comments from well-wishers around the world.

“He’s a sweet guy,” Montgomery said of Gaede. “He has a big heart. You ask him for something and he’ll never say no.”

Montgomery said Blockbuster will set up an in-store fundraiser in the next few weeks, with proceeds going toward Gaede’s medical bills.

Gaede’s aunt also set up a Go Fund Me account for online donations.


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