Black Butte School District bond passing by 14 votes


Fourteen votes separated “yes” or “no” on the first school bond in 60 years for the tiny Black Butte School District Wednesday morning.

The school located in Camp Sherman is just one small building and it has 21 students.

The bond would pay for repairs to the heating and cooling system. They also hope to install energy-efficient windows, update their restrooms and expand their classroom spaces. 

As of Wednesday morning, voters are saying yes by a total of 86 votes to 72.

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The $2 million bond would be partnered with a $2 million grant from the State of Oregon through the Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching (OSCIM) Program. 

That’s $123 per year, or $10.25 per month for each $100,000 of assessed property value.

If the bond doesn’t pass, the district loses out on the extra grant money. 



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