▶️ Black bear cub captured in Bend will be released back to wild

Black Bear Cub

A black bear cub was found and tranquilized Wednesday morning. It comes several hours after residents in northeast Bend spotted a black bear cub roaming through their neighborhood.

The plan is to release the cub back into the wild.

The Bend Police Department said it received numerous reports of a black bear in the area of NE 18th Street and Cooley Road between 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. Tuesday. That’s near Lava Ridge Elementary School and Sky View Middle School. The sighting raises additional concern since Bend-La Pine Schools are back in session starting Wednesday.

One woman got video of the cub moving through her driveway.

The cub was spotted at the city’s utility department compound on Boyd Acres Road around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. 

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was called in to tranquilize the the bear and safely take it into custody.

Black Bear Bend Sept. 7, 2022
A black bear cub is spotted in northeast Bend, Sept. 7, 2022. (Credit: Bend Police Department)

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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says the male bear is about 7-8 months old and in good physical condition. It will be released back into the Deschutes National Forest.

“While young bears are typically still with their mothers at this age, they are also capable of surviving on their own in the wild,” ODFW said in a statement. “It is unclear why the bear was separated from its mother prematurely. ODFW has received no reports of a dead sow in the area.”

ODFW said the bear likely got confused and wandered into the city.

This is the second reported black bear sighting in Central Oregon this week. People reported seeing a black bear in the Powell Butte area.



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