▶️ Bend’s new Transportation System Plan adopted by city council


A plan to revamp Bend’s roads has been in the works for more than two years.

And that plan, called the Transportation System Plan, was adopted by Bend City Council at a council meeting Thursday night.

The plan outlines a series of projects that will improve things like bike lanes, east and west connections and high-traffic intersections throughout Bend.

“The plan is going to guide our transportation system for the next 20 years,” Mike Riley, co-chair for the city’s transportation advisory committee, said.

The $190 million dollar transportation bond on the ballot this November will fund the first ten years of the plan’s projects.

“This first step is the first investment in those projects, the ones we thought were most important for safety, for traffic flow and for moving people east and west across the community, which is where some of the big bottlenecks are,” Riley said.

Riley said he thinks it’s a great plan, but not everyone agrees.

Chris Edmonds, spokesman for the Hawthorne Avenue Neighbors Coalition, said the plan does not prioritize improving public transportation within Bend enough.

“We need to make sure we are working to make a transportation system that is going to work for all Bend residents,” Edmonds said. “Not just a transportation system plan that works for developers or the politically connected.”

Riley said the plan will help to improve public transit by creating more bike lanes and improving the roads that buses travel on, making them more efficient.

“From my perspective, what’s most important about transit, is getting more buses on the roads, operating more frequently for longer periods of time,” Riley said. “That’s what improves the overall transit system.”


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