▶️ Bend’s baking boy wonder plans 2020 treat for Pine Tavern patrons



If the name Reggie Strom sounds familiar, that’s probably because you’ve seen him on Kids Baking Championship.

While this Bend baker is busy rocking the Food Network scene, advancing in the competition, you’ll have a chance to try his treats for yourself this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

“With Pine Tavern I’m going to do a collaboration sort of thing, where I’m going to kind of create a dessert for them and then it’s going to be on their menu for a year. And it’s going to be premiering on Valentine’s Day,” Strom said. 

Strom will be working on a signature dessert alongside Pine Tavern’s head chef.

But he’s not quite sure what they will whip up just yet.

“I think I’ll choose something that the majority of people would like to order,” he said. “Maybe not exactly what I would like, because maybe not everyone likes what I like. But I’ll just do something that’s appealing to everyone.”

Strom will donate $1 from every desert purchased to a charity of his choice – most likely a children’s hospital.

“It’s really cool that a dollar from each dessert is going to be given to a charity because I feel like I’m doing something more than just selling a dessert,” he said. “Just that I can support someone else who needs it.”

Strom says since his Food Network debut, he’s received immense support from the Bend community.

“It’s really cool just that Bend’s been recognizing me for what I did, and it’ll be really fun just to kind of have other people that I don’t know be able to try my desserts,” he said. 

And he hopes that positivity will continue once his dessert debuts.

 “I hope that I get good reactions, that’s just my one thought. I hope people like what I’m putting on there.”

As February 14th approaches, Strom hopes whatever he creates gives customers one more thing to love on Valentine’s Day.


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