▶️ City of Bend launches app for you to report potholes, graffiti and more


The City of Bend launched its new Bend Works app Friday, a tool that allows the public to quickly submit a non-emergency service request.

“It allows us to get the request to the right person quicker,” City of Bend Project Management Office Manager John Condon said. “It also allows us to have a direct line of communication with the community member who submitted the request. If we have follow up questions, we need more information, we can do that directly. Another great benefit is it allows the community member to be able to follow up and see if it was addressed and how it was addressed.”

Issues such as graffiti, potholes, water damage and others can all be reported on the app. 

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Once you’ve created an account with a valid email address, the app allows you to drop a pin on the exact location of the issue you’re reporting. 

“You’ll go through a series of questions that will allow you to select a category. Whether it’s streets-related, sidewalks or water-related. Answer a couple supplementary questions and provide a description and attach a photo if you’d like,” Condon said.

The app is free to use.

“I love that. Anyway we can get in touch with them easier, and let them know what’s happening, I think it’s fantastic,” General Manager of Lark in downtown Bend Liz Odell said.

The app is available now on all platforms in the app store.


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