▶️ Bend woman recalls fear of husband’s deportation as ICE whisk away men


For Krystal Loverin, a bilingual legal assistant with the Bend Immigration Group, the protests in Bend yesterday hit close to home.

Her own husband was an undocumented immigrant for 14 years before he became an American citizen.

“My twelve-year-old daughter is Mexican-American,” Loverin said. “Mia and I went down there at 5:30, 5:45.”

Loverin recorded her experiences on Facebook Live.

“The instructions were for everyone to remain calm,” Loverin said. “Sit down, don’t be aggressive, don’t engage. The agents just swarmed in like that. I mean, I turned around one second you didn’t see them and all of a sudden you have a whole line of them in SWAT gear.”

Loverin said she was sprayed with some sort of white liquid, which she thinks could have been pepper spray by the way it burned her eyes.

“At that point I retreated because I had a 12-year-old daughter behind me who was in tears, upset that children weren’t going to have their father with them,” Loverin said.

Loverin and her daughter said they watched as two men were taken away by federal agents.

Even though her husband is now an American citizen, Loverin said the incident felt personal for both her and her daughter.

“The trauma of being a child of an undocumented immigrant is huge,” Loverin said. “You never know if your parent is coming home from work. She just stood there asking why, ‘why are you doing this, why are you dividing this family, why are you taking this dad away?’”


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