▶️ Bend woman on life support after Christmas assault; suspect not yet charged


It was Christmas morning when Kathryn Boutott got a horrifying call.

Boutott’s daughter, 43-year-old Bend resident Daphne Killian-Banks, was in the hospital after sustaining a life-threatening head injury.

Boutott was told her daughter fell off a stool and hit her head, but she didn’t believe that for a second.

“I told them this wasn’t no accident,” Boutott said. “This wasn’t no accident.”

Doctors later told the family there was no way the injuries, which put the victim on life support, happened through a fall.

Killian-Banks was with Bend resident Randall Kilby when this all occurred.

Kilby was arrested on Christmas Day for second-degree assault, but has since been released pending charges.

“You know she’s in the ICU unit, we don’t know if she’s going to make it,” Rio Killian, daughter of the victim said. “Yet the main suspect is out walking the streets, could possibly hurt another person.”

After finding out her mother was in the hospital, Laci Killian thought it was likely Killian-Banks was injured at the suspect’s home.

Killian-Banks and Kilby’s relationship is still unclear.

Killian went to the 60000 block of Granite Drive in Bend herself to find out what happened.

The suspect’s mother was there when Killian arrived, and claimed Killian-Banks fell and landed on a nail that went in her head.

Killian says Kilby showed up shortly after, claiming the victim hit her head on some handlebars.

The conflicting stories made Killian suspicious.

“You need to show me where my mom hit her head, show me the handlebars, show me the piece of wood, so he opened up the garage door,” Killian said. “I see spots of blood on the floor, I see spots of blood on the couch, and it was just really hard. There’s no blood on the handlebars, there was no blood on the stick that she supposively hit her head on, there was no blood on anything like that, but there was a couple puddles of blood. So I left there, and as soon as I left there I called the cops.”

The family says they’ve been told by police to come up with a safety plan while Kilby is out.

Whether Killian-Banks lives or dies, her family believes Kilby should be charged with murder.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel tells Central Oregon Daily the investigation is ongoing and he has not yet made a charging decision.

“He took her life from all of us,” Boutott said. “He took her life from her friends, people that care about her. He took that from us, he should get life.”

Monday afternoon, doctors took Killian-Banks off life support, hoping she could breathe on her own.

Killian-Banks could only handle being off life support for a few minutes. Doctors put her back on and will keep her on until the family can be present.


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