▶️ ‘It was the last thing I was expecting’; A Bend woman’s car is stolen


A Bend woman woke up on Friday morning to her car missing. 

The car was parked on Armour Rd. in Bend. 

When Destinie Morrison realized her car was gone, she immediately contacted the police. 

Morrison said between having a baby and jobs, she and her fiancé are lucky to still have their truck for transportation, but working around their different schedules will be tough. 

Bend police say they put a “Be On The Look Out” or BOLO for every missing vehicle, and deputies runs plates on cars matching the description of stolen cars.

Police also said the best steps to take to protect your car are:

  • Roll your windows up
  • Lock the doors
  • Park under or near a street light
  • Take valuables out of the car or put valuables out of sight


“These crimes are going to happen, but any specific small thing you can do to prevent it is going to deter a lot of that crime,” said Sheila Miller, Communications manager with the BPD. 

Miller also said that with Bend’s population growth, crime rates are not actually rising to what other cities have experienced. 

While Morrison said she took all of the steps recommended by BPD, they did not prevent her car from being stolen. She said, “I’m just praying and hoping for the best.”


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