Bend woman arrested after using key and squatting in newly-constructed homes


A Bend woman was arrested for stealing construction equipment and squatting in a couple of newly-constructed homes after she posed as a potential buyer and was given the key, according to Bend Police.

On Feb. 18th, officers responded to the area of 59 SE Cessna Drive for a reported theft of building materials at a construction site. The contractor also reported that someone had broken into the home and was living there.

Lt. Juli McConkey said the contractor explained to the officer that for the last several months, building materials had been stolen from the site and recently he noticed personal property left inside a newly constructed home.

The officer and contractor also saw food in the cupboards and cigarette burns in the new carpet, McConkey said.

Since there was no damage to the windows or doors for the person to gain access into the residence, officers, and the contractors determined the person may have had a key.

Officers were able to set up security cameras to watch the home in case the person returned.

That night around 6, the cameras alerted officers that someone was inside the home.

Officers arrived and contacted 32-year-old Kizzie Blunt who had been living in the new home for almost a week.

She explained to the officers that she posed as a potential buyer of the home and was given a key and never returned it, McConkey said.

Later in the evening, Blunt returned to the home using the key to get inside. She said she stayed in two of the newly constructed homes.

The contractor explained the new buyers intended on moving into their new home within days but would need to wait until the damage was repaired.

Kizzie Blunt was arrested and taken to the Deschutes County Jail. She was charged with first-degree burglary, criminal mischief, theft of services and criminal trespass.

The key was never recovered.


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