Bend woman arrested; tried fleeing country with teen daughter


A Bend woman was arrested early Saturday morning after trying to flee the country with her daughter, who was supposed to be in her father’s custody. 

The Bend Police Department received a call from the 60-year-old father at around 6 a.m., saying that his 50-year-old ex-wife hadn’t delivered their 17-year-old daughter to him the previous day at the court-appointed time. 

He said the Canada Border Services Agency had called him that morning at 5 a.m., saying his ex-wife had tried to cross the border into Canada with their daughter near Blaine, Washington at 4:36 a.m. 

The pair had reportedly been turned away for multiple reasons. 

The father added that his daughter has Down Syndrome and certain medical conditions that need consistent care, or else could lead to serious health complications. 

He believed his ex-wife was attempting to flee the country and deny him his parental rights. 

Deschutes County 911 was instructed to begin a ‘ping’ on the ex-wife’s phone, which indicated she was in Washington near the Oregon border. 

Bend PD officers and Deschutes County 911 worked with other Oregon agencies to search the 1-5 corridor, where she was possibly traveling. 

A new ‘ping’ at 10 a.m. revealed the cell phone was still on 1-5 near Salem, and the Oregon State Police (OSP) sent several troopers to search the area. 

An OSP trooper spotted the ex-wife’s maroon 2021 Jeep Wrangler and pulled it over. He found that it was being driven by the ex-wife and that the 17-year-old daughter was inside. 

OSP detained the ex-wife and the daughter was later taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated, though she appeared to be in good health at the time she was found. 

Bend PD met OSP in Marion County and from there, transported the ex-wife to Deschutes County Jail, where she was lodged on a Custodial Interference 1 charge. 

The daughter was later reunited with her father in Salem. 

The Bend Police Department would like to thank the dispatchers who work at Deschutes County 9-1-1, the Oregon State Police troopers, and the Canada Border Services Agency for their assistance in helping resolve this situation.


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