▶️ People living in Bend’s Hunnell area get 2 more days due to wildfire smoke


People still living on Hunnell and Clausen roads in Bend are being granted an extra two days before they are required to leave due to heavy smoke in the area.

The closure and clearing of homeless people living in the Hunnell area began last Tuesday. But, 23 people living there were given an extra week due to disabilities. They were supposed to be out by midnight Monday.

The City of Bend announced Monday morning that because of the smoke from wildfires in the region, those people would be given another 48 hours before they have to leave with their belongings and vehicles. The deadline is now midnight Wednesday.

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The City said the delay is under an established administrative policy, which can be read on page 4 of this document. Clean-up operations will resume Thursday morning.

The City also said it is distributing KN95 masks to the people in the Hunnell area so that they can continue preparing to leave.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality said the smoke affecting Deschutes County is from the Bedrock Fire burning in the Willamette National Forest. The smoke will be worst overnight and in the early morning hours.


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