▶️ Bend Whitewater Park evaluation following drowning could come next week


It’s been more than three weeks since a 17-year-old from Bend lost his life at Whitewater Park. The young man became trapped underwater after surfing on the man-made wave at the park April 30.

An investigation into what happened began days after the incident and is ongoing. The wave remains closed until further notice.

“We have been evaluating the physical structure. There are gates and inflatable bladders associated with the surf wave in particular. That’s been the focus,” said Julie Brown, Bend Park and Recreation District (BPRD) Community Relations Manager.

BPRD confirmed that the River Recreation Specialists, the engineers in charge of the rapids along the river, did not see any irregularities on the day of the incident.

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BPRD said it will release its evaluation at a public meeting with its board of directors. The meeting date has not been announced yet, but it could be scheduled for early next week.

As we enter the summer months, those going to the river are encouraged to wear life jackets, use proper gear and prepare for the river to be cold. 


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