▶️ Bend Whitewater Park leash ban will stay put


The leash ban for surfers at the Bend Whitewater Park will stay in place.

The safety rule went into effect after a teenage surfer died in an accident at the artificial wave back in April.

During their board meeting this week, Bend Park and Recreation District members reviewed a river safety campaign over the summer to raise awareness about the new rules.

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We spoke to a surfer named Blake who says newer surfers might have a tough time on the waves without a leash.

A lot of times when the current strong their boards can get pushed over the second fall, they’re going to have to go over that fall as well,” said Blake. “A lot of times, they’re not aware that there’s there’s some pretty jagged rocks on either the right or left side. So, you know, you can end up injuring  yourself on those rocks.”

Other surfers seem to be complying with the rules.

In data collected by BPRD, not a single leash was used on more than 4,000 surf rides during a 60-hour span.



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