▶️ Your video and photos: Central Oregon thunder, lightning and rainbows


You’d have to be in a soundproof dungeon not to have heard or seen the thunder and lighting rolling through the High Desert Thursday night.

Here are just some of the dozens of photos and videos you sent us via weather@centraloregondaily.com and info@centraloregondaily.com. 

The video above was taken from northeast Bend, looking east. You can make out the double rainbow with a vertical lightning strike going through it.

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Jesse Jerome Blythe messaged this to us on Instagram — a super slo-mo of the lightning moving across the sky.


Next, we see lightning strike behind Pilot Butte courtesy of Bill Breneman.


Back to northeast Bend, where Kristina Grubb snapped this beauty.

Lightning Rainbow 5-18-23


Eddie DeBoy got another great shot of it from the Pilot Butte neighborhood.

Lighting Rainbow 5-18-23


Another crack of lighting from Pete McCracken.

Lightning rainbow 5-18-23


Let’s see what this looks like from a higher perspective. Preston Paranada sends this one to us from atop Pilot Butte.

Rainbow lightning from Pilot Butte 5-18-23


And Stacy Abena sent us this side-by-side rainbow and lightning bolt.

Lightning Rainbow 5-18-23


Our former Central Oregon Daily News colleague Allen Martin sent us this hail video from Three Rivers.


And some more hail from La Pine, courtesty of T.G.

La Pine Hail 5-18-23


This is one of our favorite shots. Look how the rainbow seems to act a border, surrounding the orange beneath it. Thanks to Marisela Berlanga for this one.

Orange rainbow


Thanks to Phyllis Van Etten for showing us a glorious rainbow behind Old Glory.

American flag rainbow


Heidi Hadley brings us Rey, enjoying the weather from Dayspring Drive Park.


We apologize, but there was so much, we couldn’t get them all in. Anytime there is some spectacular weather you want to show us, please send it to weather@centraloregondaily.com. 


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