▶️ Bend’s icy roads: City says weather conditions limited treatment


Despite efforts to get ahead of the sheets of ice on Bend streets Wednesday morning, the city said weather conditions didn’t allow for it.

You couldn’t help but notice how slick the roads were following Tuesday’s big snow.

People on social media were asking why some streets didn’t appear to be treated.

“So as far as our pretreatment of mag chloride, we’re careful with that,” said David Abbas, director of the Transportation and Mobility Department for the City of Bend. “It’s going to be certain weather conditions and temperatures forecast. You want to put it down when it’s dry, maybe damp at the most. But if there’s rain in the forecast, we don’t want to throw mag chloride on the streets just to have it, you know rinsed off that night.”

It’s a reminder to always be alert, drive cautiously and leave space between you and other cars.

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