Bend Water Filtration Facility Struck By Lightning

The City of Bend’s Water Filtration Facility was struck by lightning Thursday night while crews were there working on other storm-related issues.

Staff worked until 11:30 and was on site again Friday to troubleshoot and make repairs, according to a tweet from the city.

Today, Public Works Director Paul Rheault said six different electrical components were impacted last night but most were repaired.

“The main one knocked out seven actuator valves that actually handle the water that comes from our springs up in the mountains and that piece of equipment right now is out of operation,” he said. 

The entire City is currently using groundwater with a return to surface water by Monday or Tuesday as the cooler weather should keep water demand down.

Rheault says this is a perfect example of why it’s important the city has more than one source for its drinking water.

Ground water is pumped up from the aquifer using wells. Surface water is captured from a surface stream, river or spring. In Bend’s case, surface water comes from Bridge Creek.


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