▶️ A friendlier ‘Shark Tank’: Bend’s Venture Conference wraps up 19th year


Bend’s annual Venture Conference wrapped up Friday.

The 19th VC took place at the Tower Theatre over the last two days with 14 companies pitching their ideas to potential Investors.

These companies range from consumer goods marketers to tech firms.

One organizer calls it a friendlier version of the business reality show “Shark Tank.”

“We’re nice to the people that are on stage here, but it is much like ‘Shark Tank’ in that people are reviewing these companies for an investment opportunity and even if they don’t get an investment opportunity, they learn to pitch to investors.And so they take essential skills away for future conversations that may help their company grow through capital investment,” said Jon Stark with Economic Development for Central Oregon.

The three-day event has been held in Bend since 2004.

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