▶️ Nationally ranked Bend High softball team breaks records during playoff win


For Bend High softball, a historic run for a state title began Monday night.

The team took on the Franklin Lightning and won 14-0 in five innings.

“They were a really good team to face in the first round,” said Bend High senior Lena Zahniser. “We did a pretty good job hitting the ball and had an amazing pitching outing by Addi.”

Monday night’s victory saw the Lava Bears break the school record for most wins in a single season with 27.

They are ranked second in the state of Oregon and ranked 15 nationally.

Head coach Tom Mauldin says he believes this is the softball team’s first home playoff game and home playoff victory ever.

“People will call and say tell me about your team, tell me a little bit about the character and I tell them they are all characters,” said Bend High softball coach Tom Mauldin. “I say that jokingly, but they are a very stellar group, they are very solid. We have a very high GPA as a team. I like to think that teams that have high GPAs are very coachable.”

Bend has won 41 of their last 42 games and as a team broke the school record for most home runs in a season with 40 and counting.

The Lava Bears are led by sophomore pitcher Addisen Fisher, who threw a no hitter Monday.

▶️ Bend Sophomore Addisen Fisher throws perfect game in 13-0 win over Summit

“She is a freak of nature,” said Bend catcher Sophia Weathers. “Her energy has different levels where she can crack down on any team.”

Fisher has already broken the school record for most strikeouts and most no hitters thrown in a season.

She’s cracking down on the most career strikeouts record.

“She can be scary, but her energy and her passion for softball really is like an engine to the team,” said Weathers.

▶️ Bend High softball ready for state title run

According to the players the team’s success stems from an important factor.

“We like each other, which a lot of teams can’t say but we show up and we actually have fun and we enjoy it and it makes it a lot easier to play well together when you like each other,” said Zahniser.

The Lava Bears are now matched up against Mountainside in the second round of the playoffs.

The game is at home Wednesday.


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