▶️ Woman looking for artist: Sketchbook with Bend drawings found in Arlington


A sketchbook filled with drawings of Bend landmarks was found leaning against a post of a Free Little Library in Arlington, Oregon — 125 miles northeast of Bend. Illustrated locations include the Old Mill District, Drake Park and Smith Rock.

Lisa Riley found the book in April, exposed to the elements. She took the book and is now trying to find the artist.

“I would love to find the owner and know what they were thinking: if they left it there on purpose or if they’re looking for it,” Riley said.

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Riley is a board member of Hearts Unknown Education (HUE), a local non-profit in Bend that provides free art classes for at-risk kids and those who struggle with mental health.

She’s since scoured the sketchbook and has taken to social media, trying to draw out any clues of the artist’s identity.

Riley says there are numerous names in the sketchbook, making it difficult to track down which name, if any, had any part in the illustrations. 

“There’s no consistent pattern that makes me think it’s any one person’s name that signed it,” Riley said.

The best lead Riley has lies in her favorite drawing in the book: a sketch depicting a home in Drake Park. The sketch is titled “Yellow House, Red Door.”

Riley thinks the home or homeowners may hold clues as to who the book belongs to.

Executive Director of HUE Nicola Carpinelli says he hopes to connect with the artist, so they can be recognized for their work.

“Immediately when Lisa brought this to me, my eyes welled-up. It was, for one such beautiful work. And what an homage to our beautiful City of Bend,” Carpinelli said.

Riley does not believe the book was left intentionally as there are many unfinished sketches and blank pages, leaving one to wonder what could have filled the canvas. 

Riley says despite sharing on social media, no one has come to her with any leads about the artist.

— If you know anything you can send her an email here.


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