▶️ Kindness Project greets elementary students with encouraging signs, friendly waves


They are too young to drink coffee but students are dishing out shots of kindness at a local elementary school that brightens everyone’s day. It’s a simple message: Kindness matters.

Here at Silver Rail Elementary, they are proving it by standing in the cold rain greeting all the parents as they drop their students off.

“We want to spread kindness,” said Kaysen Dickerson, a second grader at Silver Rail.

How are they doing it?

“By waving and having signs that say nice things.”

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A small army of second grade students wearing Kindness Squad tee shirts and waving signs are part of a movement at Silver Rail Elementary School.

And it is working.

“It was so sweet. I arrived this morning to see all the kids with their signs with positive messages. It was a great start to my day. They’ve got me smiling for sure,” said Erica Dietz of Bend.

“This is one way to bring joy into a world that is hard right now and people are going through struggles,” said Mrs. Kittelson, second grade teacher. “We thought one way as a second grade family that we could be out here every Monday morning kicking off, helping everyone off to a wonderful week.”

With the exception of next Monday, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, the students will be in front of Silver Rail Elementary from 7:20 to 7:40 each Monday morning.

“What does it do when we fill someone else’s bucket?” Kittelson asked.

“It fills other peoples’ buckets and it fills ours,” said Courtney Cruz, a second grader.

The Kindness Project will continue through the rest of the school year at Silver Rail Elementary.


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