▶️ Friday deadline for Bend septic-to-sewer applications


Friday is the deadline for this year’s applications for Bend homeowners who want to convert from their septic systems to sewer.

Each year, the city has roughly $3.5 million to spend on the project. Homeowners can work with their neighborhoods to apply for a connection to the city’s sewer system.

The City website says the following criteria are considered:

  1. Cost of the sewer extension project, including design;
  2. Total number of homes or properties to be connected to the public sewer system from the project;
  3. Whether other City construction projects are planned for the street identified in the application;
  4. The percentage of property owners who would be served by the neighborhood sewer extension project who have joined or signed onto the application;
  5. The age of existing septic systems that would be replaced by the proposed neighborhood sewer extension project and evidence of failing septic systems; and
  6. Other factors established by the City Manager.

“It’s a big benefit to public safety. It’s proactive in protecting the water quality in the area. And this will allow for both urban and economic development for properties who are currently constrained with septic sewers,” said City of Bend Program Manager Teresa Findley.

The city compares applications each year and allocates based on need. This year’s selection meeting will be held Oct. 16. 

Applications stay in the program each year.

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