▶️ Bend Senior Center Reopens to Big Crowds

By Brooke Snavely
Central Oregon Daily

There were lines of people eagerly awaiting for the Bend Senior Center to reopen its doors this week.

“When we first walk in you’ll notice we have new carpeting, fresh paint on the walls on new flooring in the fitness center,” said Sue Glenn, Bend Parks and Recreation services manager.

The Bend Senior Center was closed this summer during the noise and dust phase of construction on the adjoining Larkspur Community Center.

During the closure, seniors attended Park & Recreation District programs at Marshall High School.

I’m going to admit that we didn’t give them enough credit. We know that change is hard. We were concerned and they showed up in full force. We had some of our best numbers in our classes at Camp Marshall. They were committed to us. We were committed to them. We extended additional access at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center to our seniors this summer because we were displacing them and now they are happy to be back.

Senior center programs and classes are full, and may be an indicator of community interest in the expanded facilities that will open next year.

“We love this facility and also the people. We are so excited for the new extension because of the new swimming pool, the new track and the new floor. We are just so happy,” said Flora, a Bend resident.

Senior center fitness programs and classes are full and may be an indicator of community interest in the expanded facilities.

“We have social groups like the knitters, the rug hookers and the pool players who come here and enjoy camaraderie and the sense of community,” Glenn said. “That’s super important and we are going to protect that.”



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