▶️ Safeway appealing OSHA fines from investigation after Bend shooting


Safeway is appealing the $7,250 in fines issued by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The fines were levied after an investigation into alleged safety issues following last summer’s deadly shooting at the store on Bend’s east side.

The OSHA investigation was launched hours after the Aug. 28, 2022, shooting — based on a tip from an employee.

OSHA found that one of the only three back door emergency exits that night was blocked by hundreds of pounds of drinks and food on stretcher-sized carts. As the gunfire rang out, security photos showed that customers and employees attempted to shove the carts clear of the exit, including a father with his toddler in a shopping cart.

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The other violation was for failing to review the emergency action plan with new employees or whenever the action plan was changed.

Safeway has appealed both OSHA citations related to our Highway 20 Bend Safeway,” a Safeway spokesperson said in an emailed statement. “The claims brought forth by OSHA do not have merit nor do they accurately reflect the level of safety and training standards we have in place to safeguard our associates and customers.”

Two people were killed in the shooting.

The OSHA investigation found that nothing the store did contributed to employee Donald Surrett Jr’s death at the back of the store as he chose to stay and attack the shooter. And customer Glenn Bennett’s death occurred at the front of the store, seconds after the gunman walked inside.

You can watch our full report on OSHA’s findings in the video below


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