▶️ Man killed in Bend Safeway shooting had own chair at local convenience store


Glenn Bennett was one of the two people killed in Sunday’s shooting at the Safeway on Bend’s east side. We learned Tuesday that he was a frequent customer at the Expressway Market and Deli convenience store at SE 15th Street and Reed Market Rd. So frequent, in fact, that he had his own chair. 

Allen Schauffler stopped by to learn more about Bennett.

“Just a little reminder in green metal that they are more than just victims, the people who died in that Safeway Sunday night.

This is Glenn Bennett’s chair right here. This is the Expressway Market on Reed Market where he would come two, sometimes three times a day and sit in this chair, have his lunch, eat with some of the customers here, occasionally talk to them about their lives, tell them about his life.

Tell them about his time in the service, about taking care of his sister who is disabled, who can’t fully care for herself.

And Glenn Bennett, they say, was really a member of a family here in in this Expressway Market. And they have a sign out there that says, we will miss you, Glenn.

Employees we’ve talked to say they were stunned when they heard that he was one of the victims. And again, not just a victim, a member of the community, somebody who came in here and interacted and shared his life and wanted to know about other people’s lives and did it every day.

And he will be missed here.”

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