▶️ Walk + Rollabout event gives those with disabilities tour of Bend crossings


A tour of roundabouts in Bend invited people with disabilities to explore their resources.

Multiple transportation departments in Bend hosted the Walk + Rollabout tour Tuesday of two roundabouts and a protected street crossing.

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The goal was to explain features meant to help residents with disabilities and to talk with engineers about what more can be done to accommodate pedestrians.

“About a third of Oregonians don’t drive. So when we’re talking about using the road and using sidewalks and other things, we’re really talking about people who may not drive a car at all,” said Kim Curley, Community Engagement Coordinator with the nonprofit Commute Options.

The event was a collaboration of Commute Options, the Central Oregon Coalition for Access, the City of Bend, the Oregon Department of Transportation and Cascades East Transit.


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