▶️ New hangars open at Redmond and Bend airports, and that’s not all


The Central Oregon air travel industry is getting two very noticeable upgrades — one at Redmond Municipal Airport and the other at Bend Municipal Airport.

Sky Service is opening a new hangar at each airport along with a terminal at Redmond.

“For the Redmond Airport, it’s going to allow us to provide better services for the airport. Also, additionally adding needed hangar space,” said Sky Service regional manager Nelson Carrick. 

The Redmond Airport’s new terminal and hangar also contains a passenger and pilot lounge.  

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The Bend Airport says even with the recent changes, there are no plans to go commercial. 

“We are not certificated to entertain commercial service so that is not the mission and use,” said Tracy Williams, Bend Municipal Airport Manager.

Both airports saying the new hangars allow them to house more aircraft, specifically private jets. 

“60% of the travel is for business and 40% is for leisure,” said Carrick.  

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Bend has built more than 50 hangars in the last two years with even more on the way. 

The airport will also see an air traffic control tower in operation by 2025. 

The Sky Service facility in Redmond says it plans on adding another private hangar in the near future. 


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