▶️ Redmond woman reports more car wrecks on property, including 1 on Christmas


Property owners Glenda and Jeff Gheen of Redmond had eight car accidents on their property in 2022.

“Just five in December. One in November, and then in September and October,” Glenda Gheen said.

Gheen says wrecks have happened frequently on their property since they’ve moved in in 2011. There have been so many, that she has filled a binder with insurance claims to keep track. 

“I’m keeping track of our hit and runs. And we had one on Christmas. That was our present,” Gheen said.

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Their 36-acre property rests where Old Bend Redmond Highway and Canal Boulevard meet, just north of Young Avenue. The property straddles both sides of Canal Boulevard.

Gheen says they often have to pay for any damages to their property themselves and have to clean up any debris left. There are also serious legal implications.

“We can put up barriers and what not, but we were told if somebody is killed, then we’re responsible. So it’s like dang if you do, dang if you don’t,” Gheen said.


She has filed multiple reports with the Deschutes County Sheriff Department and has recently reported the stretch of road to the Deschutes County Road Department.

“I don’t know how long it will be. They say they plan on straightening that corner a little bit. But he said it could take years. I may not be here by then.”

Chris Doty with the road department says the area is on its radar and is in the 5-10 year plan, but the department is looking into short-term solutions.

“We’re gonna take a look at what we can do to help drivers stay on the road a little bit better in that corner, and avoid having to see folks leave the highway and enter private property. That’s never a good thing,” Doty said.

Doty says extra signage and reflectors to help drivers navigate the corner at night are being considered. 


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